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inches of rain. baltimore county, baltimore city under a flash flood warnings, carroll county, same thing, anne arundel county. the maryland state police say westbound route 40 is closed between malcolm drive and market street. if you're doing a late night driving, keep that in mind. the rain is being picked up around dunellen and essex. we should get some video from the fells point area. another batch of heavy rain. dangerous lightning with the storms as well. it is not necessarily severe. the guests have been below 50 miles per hour. you can get a gust of 40 with all that rain. it can knock over trees and power lines. the back edges coming into frederick county. it will take another two hours for this to clear out. the heaviest precipitation in baltimore county in baltimore city. we will update the radar and inspect the seven-day going through weekend. >> tonight's batch of storms has been causing major headaches over the viewing area. we have a check on how people have been ferrying trade your have been running around all night. >> we were getting ready to go live and do a live report
, but is it because of taxes? >> good evening. of baltimore city firefighter is in jail tonight, charged with running a prostitution ring of a southwest baltimore row house. >> kai reed is live downtown with this story tonight. >> the firefighter was charged in a separate prostitution case to years ago but kept his job, but now he and coit are in trouble again. amar simmons has been a baltimore firefighter since 2002 but prosecutors say he has also been working in the prostitution business, too. >> we found handguns, a small amount of marijuana, and various letters and documents that would suggest that an online prostitution and human trafficking operation was being conducted from the location. >> detectives had been investigating simmons and kuwait since last year. -- simmons and coit. an informant told them they had a three-six girls working for them as prostitutes at any given time, either at the warehouse are at several hotels in the baltimore area. this is not the first time they have been in trouble with the law. both were arrested after arranging a prostitution meade up two years ago. they wer
online at wbaltv.com. a baltimore city police detective is off the force tonight after admitting to stealing groceries. just the latest piece of troubling news being followed from the city police department. prosecutors claim that in march, darlene early's daughter ran at nearly four hundred dollars for the groceries for only about $100 for her mother, as a security guard watched the transaction. early was required to resign today after admitting that that. city fire chief james clack says he is serious about negotiating a raise for firefighters yesterday. a contract extension with an 18% salary hike for him was approved. it sparked outrage from union members said their latest contract offer amounts to a decrease in the galerie -- in the hourly rate. >> if the firefighters don't get a raise next year, i will donate my whole race to the fire foundation, which is a non- profit that goes to benefit firefighters who are injured or killed in a line of duty. >> the latest offer on the table would move firefighters to the three-shift system where the average work week would be 56 hours
chance. >> thank you, john. for many baltimore city residents, 10:00 a.m. couldn't come fast enough, when the city began distributing ice in four different locations. >> i slept in my car one night and stayed in my house the other night and i can't take the heat no more. >> for people who can't take it anymore, and there are lots of them, baltimore city is giving away bags of ice. in the parking lot of the northwood plaza shopping center, it was a welcome sight on day two of no power. >> it's a blessing. i don't care if i have to go far, it's a blessing. thank you so much! >> people were allowed four bags and some came to get ice for elderly neighbors. >> some people won't have the means to replenish their food. fortunately for me, i will, but everybody won't number that situation. >> that's really nice because we need ice. food going bad real fast. >> it's humanity and people looking out for others that don't have. the quezada center on reisterstown road is serving as one of the city's cooling centers and cool is the word with lots of cold water, ice and a.c. we're told more than 1300 pe
announced a partnership that will help baltimore city police fight crime. the city watch committee partnership inc. database a public and private security that allows quickly identifying surveillance tape in proximity to crime scenes. >> it will support the police department efforts to further reduce crime in our neighborhoods. >> authorities in queen anne's county say a half-dozen marijuana plants for found at the scene of that brush fire last month. the sheriff office says the plants, some of which were burned, were turned over to the county drug task force. natural resources officials confirmed there was evidence of a pot growing operation at the fire scene, but so far no arrests have been made. it is unclear if the fire was somehow related to the plants. several residents were forced from their homes. a prominent drug counselor in the region says he is seeing a dramatic shift in the use of opiates. deborah winger found out it is taking a deadly toll on the young people of suburbia. >> these women are bound by grief, loss, and heroin. all three mothers lost children to heroin. >
congressional gold medal back to the baltimore city police department to celebrate with his fellow officers and friends. >> i wanted to say something for all you guys, for the city of baltimore and the united states of america. [applause] >> pixar been james dickson served in the baltimore city police department in 1954-1987. the congressional gold medal is the highest civilian award that the government bestows. he bills himself as the world's youngest escape artist, but he did not win over the judges this time. the 26-year-old has loads of talent and is clearly going places. will it be to the finals? we certainly hope so. senator often performs on friday and saturday night. dropping some unwanted pounds make it easier. and new drug is coming to the marketplace. a minor slip in a hospital ranking has some taking notice of american institution. details on your chance to grab some authentic olympic gear. >> another hot day today but we have relief in the forecast. here's a look outside. still in the 90's in downtown baltimore. the weather is next. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood s
is asked to call the police. the baltimore city police officer is recovering after an accident. this was the view around 11:00 friday morning. the multi-vehicle crash. minor injuries but no word on what caused the collision. a maryland state trooper was flown to shock trauma after his car was forced off the road and hit a fire hydrant. it happened late thursday in mount berry. -- mount airy. he was responding to a call when a vehicle steered into his lane. he is being treated for a possible head injury. east money mystery just got a little more complicated. a six-inch water main broke inside the sinkhole. the department of public works says that 50 units will be without water until sunday. officials are working to get the area back up and running as soon as possible, but until then, the roadway will remain closed. bge officials have asked state legislators for a rate increase. the hike is needed to make improvements that would comply with the reliability and public safety requirements. on average, rake-payers will receive a $12 increase in their gas and electric bill. if it is
to pro-active work of the baltimore city department of public works, we have gotten ahead of a potential serious matter. >> most of our large water main breaks were caused by these types that were sold across the nation four or five decades ago. >> it was this type of water main which results in some of our largest and most catastrophic failures. >> they will begin making in adjustments. if successful they will begin replacing 16-foot sections, and because of that, citizens are asked to conserve water. >> please refrain from outside watering, car washing, how oil washing, until after sunset or during the early morning hours. please do not wash clothes or dishes or do non-essential indoor cleaning with water until late in the evenings and early morning. use clothes washers and dishwashers only with full loads. we are asking you remember short showers, use less water. >> they say there is a chance there may be a potential interruption of water service. conserving water will help minimize that interruption. >> two baltimore city fire companies close today. one of the move to the 1200 block
with information is urged to call baltimore county police. >> baltimore city police say they need your help in locating a vehicle reportedly used in a homicide. investigators say three men took off in the victim's 2004 silver honda odyssey after shooting him several times. it happened around 10:00 p.m. sunday night in evisham avenue. detectives say the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. the victim, hammond bridges, died from his wounds. >> the man accused of plotting a terrorist attack in prince georges county is still undergoing a mental health evaluation. formal challenges -- charges still havhad to be filed. he told his supervisor he would attack the work place after a burning he was soon to be fired. he reportedly referred to himself as the joker. a search of his apartment uncovered dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of commission. charges have been filed against the man accused of killing 12 and wounding dozens more inside a colorado movie theater. james colmes has been charged with several crimes including 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder. two
been spotted in baltimore city. they are required to register on a weekly basis but we are told they failed to do so. anyone with information about their whereabouts should call police. new details tonight in the pin state jerry sandusky case. big the no. 2 has been identified, however his name remains a closely guarded secret -- victim number two. the victim's attorney plans to file a civil lawsuit against penn state after an internal investigation found that top university officials concealed the allegations against sandusky to avoid bad publicity. investigators have released the picture of a man wanted in the vi ripken abduction case. she was taken from roman aberdeen early tuesday morning and then returned 24 hours later -- she was taken from her home in aberdeen early tuesday. >> police are not revealing where their surveillance picture of the suspect was taken. they say could jeopardize the investigation, but identifying him is essential to solving the case. >> the man appears to be in his late 30's or early 40's. he had short brown hair and glasses. investigators are hopi
. we will let you know what to expect tomorrow in a few minutes. it is a dry in baltimore city. 83 at the inner harbor. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >> the american red cross is asking for more blood donations. officials say that all blood types are needed, especially o- and b-. officials say summer is a slow time of year but the heat may be keeping donors away. more than a dozen homes have been declared uninhabitable in the aftermath of a tornado in new york. it touched down thursday afternoon. it was part of a storm system that raced across the northeast. there were no injuries. more than 13,000 homes and businesses are without power tonight. >> now your forecast with tony pann. >> we have some severe weather at home. there are no watches or warnings right now but we had reports of large hail across maryland and a lot of lightning strikes reported. the only thing on hd doppler is this storm in howard county. that
. >>> baltimore city police are searching for a missing teenager. we are told that 15-year-old cameron wilkerson went missing from the 2900 block of edison highway wearing a white shirt, white shorts, and black sneakers. officials say he suffers from a developmental disabilities. anybody with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 911 immediately. >>> anne arundel county fire crews are evaluating the damage from a two-alarm fire. they were called to heliborne drive at 5:30 this evening for reports of a burning town home. the heat made putting out the flames very tough. >> because of the heat, asked for additional equipment and personnel. it took approximately 45 minutes and 37 firefighters to get the fire under control. the investigation is ongoing and right now there are not any reported injuries, but there are some civilians and fire department personnel being evaluated for heat exhaustion. >> it took them about 45 minutes to get the flames under control. no word if anybody was at home at the time. >>> today was not the weather that you would order for a housewarming or block party, u
in baltimore city. a huge project and until we can come up with that cash we will have to live with these disruptions. they sent a pipe diver in the to identify a problem in southwest baltimore but the mayor says it is like sticking your finger in a leak. kerry cavanaugh, wbal tv 11 news. work,ker's continue to you are urged to avoid this area. >> find their way, take the metro, take the light rail from the north, -- >> and here is a closer look at the streets you do not want to be near tomorrow. the department of transportation tell us we are -- where st. paul is closed from lombard street. with the exception of the far left turn rlane, orders will be directed to turn left. stick with 11 news for continuing coverage on the impact of this water main break. we hall of the latest the taurus with traffic beginning at 5:00 a.m. -- detours with traffic beginning at 5:00 a.m. and local lawmaker is taking steps to balance the power of city government. he introduced four bills tonight including charter amendments that would pare the number of members down and shrink the votes needed to
on the victim's condition. we're following breaking is at a baltimore city. police are investigating a serious shooting in west baltimore. we're told that happened about half an hour ago. homicide detectives are on the scene because of the serious nature. baltimore county police have linked a suspect in a recent burglary to a sexual assault case. ricky marion bostic tried to break into a home on thursday night. upon further investigation, detectives believe the is the same man who sexually assaulted a woman and her roommate back in may. >> we took his fingerprints and we compared them to evidence recovered from a may 24 sexual assault. the fingerprints were a match. >> he remains behind bars tonight charged with first- degree burglary and sexual offenses. anne arundel medical center officials say an electrical fire and utility closet prompted the evacuation of more than two dozen mothers and newborns. a staff members and helped to escort people out of the building. the fire was found inside a third floor utility closet. fire crews were able to extinguish the fire, but not before much of the ho
submit separate wish list bills. baltimore city wants to raise its debt limit to borrow more school construction money. >> the governor was put on notice this week. they vow to fight against any gaming plan. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a sinkhole and east baltimore st. forces dozens of businesses out of their buildings and it could take weeks to fix. have been around 1:30 this afternoon -- happened around 1:30 this afternoon. it backed up traffic for miles. kai reed is live in east baltimore with the latest. >> that sinkhole shutdown east monument street between patterson park and milton avenue. according to city officials, this will not be a quick fix. witnesses to call 911 said the road in the 2300 block of east monument street was caving in and they smelled gas. >> you could smell the gas really strong. now it has died off a little bit. >> the sinkhole was 10 feet in diameter and caused by old infrastructure, according to officials who said that a brick tunnel or colewort collapsed underneath the street. it was built in 1930. >> with all the bad storms we have had lately,
is making baltimore beautiful even after his death. the state of the former maitre donated $1.4 million to the william schaefer civic fund established in 2008. it provides grants for beautification to wrap baltimore city and the county. it also received other grants today totaling more than $130,000 the loss of court- ordered community improvement. the board of education issued a list of persistently danger schools in compliance with the federal bill child up behind law -- no child left behind law. the list includes the rising star academy, and kirstin middle school, and the maritime industries academy and benjamin franklin high school, stuart hill academy, and william march middle school. the state board also announced that coaches will be better trained to identify brain injuries suffered on the plainfield. that is in line with regulations to protect athletes from concussions. coaches will have until the end of the month to complete their training. the rules are designed to educate parents on the nature of brain injuries. >> this will be much more robust and in places where they have
through rush-hour tomorrow morning. state highway crews will prepare the road. baltimore city police that a shutdown and suspected drug house and self baltimore. investigators say detectives executed search warrant at the home on orlin road which they say netted illegal narcotics, weapons, and $11,000 in cash, and led to the rest of 25-year- old charles wilson. he is facing drug and weapons charges. we are told a tip from the community led to the bust. a shortage of critical prescription drugs has been a serious problem for hospitals and health care for bottles for several years. investigators say records show a pharmacy in north carolina was buying drugs and selling them, often on the same day, to a wholesaler owned by the same person. regulators contend that wholesaler was selling the drugs again at higher prices. there is no evidence that the former she was ever filling prescriptions. >> this is simply about greed. people wanting to make a quick buck at the expense of sick american people. it is definitely making the shortages worse and also driving up the prices. >> another reaso
to determine if alcohol and drugs are a factor that claimed the life of a baltimore city man. marcel donnell smith was traveling southbound on 83 when his motorcycle collided with a car. he traveled at a high rate of speed. he had some marijuana in his position. person in car was not injured. >> now the scandal that has rocked penn state. sports analyst bob costas says today that the university needs to suspend its football program for at least a year following the release of the free report. that report is the independent investigation into penn state in jerry sandusky's sexual abuse of children by lewis freed. and found that coach joe paterno hid accusations. he said if the university doesn't take action against football program, the ncaa will. >> but if they play come september at penn state, something's wrong. >> as for joe paterno's legacy, costas says that free report does irreparable damage. he said they enabled sanduskies abuse. -- sandusky's abuse. >> as the race for the white house heats up, the obama and romney campaigns are accusing each other of lying. the obama campaign says it
to direct our residents to a place. >> we find people bonding with neighbors and baltimore city. this man lost his power friday night. >> i was calling my neighbors, but we have not had a response. >> although some said they are running out of patience, many say they are appreciative their frustration has sparked camaraderie. because of the heat alert and the power outages, at 18 cooling centers will be open through thursday. we should also mention that the city pools will be open for an additional hour on the fourth of july holiday. >> a reminder you can find out to the minute information online at wbal-tv.com and you can also access are free smartphone apps. >> ipods for the hot ticket items sought from a video game retailer. nicklaus and james still the devices along with other electronics from the gamestop. they were bandanas over their faces, snatched the cabinet, and threatened an employee. a scare at the airport where a woman tried to get through security of carrying this yesterday. investigators say the blade was hidden inside a column. the woman was escorting her daughter to catc
of these people. i really excited. >> coach pompay was a physical education teacher with baltimore city for 30 years before he retired in 2004. friends and family welcomed home soldiers from the 29th infantry division today returning from afghanistan. loved ones say they are relieved to have the troops back safe and sound. >> very proud. it is such a relief to see him and all the other trips that made it home safe. >> the troops were greeted with cheers as they arrived at b.w.i. several soldiers say they are happy to be able to relax for a while and spend time with family cared with the olympics a couple weeks away, london is on edge. now the company in charge of securities as they cannot hold up their end of the deal. ralph lauren is responding about the outfits the u.s. athletes will wear to the games. plus, something is happening across the country that force you to pay a lot more the you to pay a lot more the grocery the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt, perfect for breakfast or any time
the alamrm off. a baltimore city firefighter was rushed to the hospital. he was battling a blaze in east baltimore and suffered a burn to his hand. the firefighter has and released from the hospital. the police commissioner has a few more days before he officially retires. as a proper sendoff, he threw the first pitch at the orioles game today. he says he will miss his job at the department, but is looking forward it to what he will do next. >> something fun. something far less stressful. maybe let a little bit of my hair grow back. i am looking forward to it. i am anxious to get started. on the job is day wednesday. charges pending after police arrested a man who described himself as the joker and threatened to blow up the workplace in prince george's county. neil press got is still in the hospital tonight undergoing psychiatric evaluation. his apartment was full of guns and ammunition when they rated it on friday. according to police, press got called a supervisor at the pitney bowes this week. he threatened to shoot everyone in the building. he was in the process of being fired. >> in
is urged to contact the city's homicide unit. we're learning city police are investigating a third shooting in northeast baltimore. a man was found shot just before 10:00 this evening. paramedics responded and transport the victim to a hospital. we do not know the condition of the victim or the circumstances surrounding the shooting. >> anne arundel county police are investigating the death of an active duty member of the national guard. he was climbing over the balcony at the embassy suites hotel. he was fell and taken to the hospital, where he later died. witnesses say the air men did seem intoxicated. an exact cause of death has not been determined. the man had just returned from an overseas deployment. the search is on for the suspects that robbed a royal farms store in hartford county. the surveillance photos show the men entering the store. when they were inside come that they assaulted the two clerks. anyone with information is asked to call crime solvers. last month, howard county police said a scarcity of drugs led five men to come up with a creative solution to their problem. they
by the lieutenant governor and the brown and a new program will give baltimore police access to private security cameras throughout the city. it will allow police to review security footage from cameras at small businesses and convenience stores. the program is voluntary and funded by a $53,000 grant. let's take another look at the weather. a wet day to day but an improvement. >> we may not totally erase the drizzle, but it should be better tomorrow. there is some heat and the forecast. it is kind of cool this evening. 68 at still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> a lot of rain around the area this morning. not up here. we have clouds but the rain has slipped to the south, some sprinkle activity on parts of the eastern shore well south of annapolis. the big storms are in the carolinas. we're not done with the rain chance yet. more on that coming up and a minute. today, the rain an inch and 2.10 at the air
this weekend and has forced the mayor to extend the state of emergency for baltimore. >> they he has gotten so bad that they held an emergency meeting over the phone to extend the executive order that declared the city in a state of emergency. after last week's storm, all of the heat, the mayor issued the executive order. the city will remain in a state of emergency for a week and will be eligible for recovery efforts. in the meantime, crews are braving the heat as they set up for this week's african-american festival. >> we will be doing some frequent hydration. you can see what people are taking it easy. >> temperatures are expected to climb well into the triple digits. festival organizers are implementing safety precautions. >> we have cooling fans so people can go. we have tens - -tensts across the festival. "they have fully powered air conditioning units to help people beat the heat. they are urging people to avoid going out in the heat. be sure to take the proper precautions. >> stay out of the sun as much as possible. where white clothing, go in the shade. >> they have seen an increase
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